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What is Pressed Felt ?
Pressed felt is a technical textile material manufactured by pressing of blended wool fibers, Wool is compressed under heat, steam and friction making Wool fiber scales to entangle is called as Pressed felt. A special pressing machine that exerts steady pressure and applies equal uniform weight, with force pressing the fibers by its weight and forcing the fibers to compress to required thickness and entangle under motion to form a flat shape pad material called as a Pressed Felt. It holds the fiber together closely, interlocking themselves without any bonding adhesives, and further compacted by ironing.

Fibers used for manufacturing, Composition :
Apart from sheep wool other fiber like cotton, polyester and viscose can be used for making pressed felt. With other synthetic fiber like polyester and polypropylene general pressing does not work , it has to be either mechanically entangled or heat thermal pressed with low melt fiber blended with it so that it melts and stick on the fiber surface.

Pressed Wool Felt:

Pressed wool felt is made from wool fiber having different qualities of wool which are blended altogether in manufacturing and many process and machines are involved. Merino wool is the best grade wool suitable for manufacturing because of unique scales present in wool and and which can be easily blended with other fiber which is then pressed to required thickness by pressing using heat, moisture and friction. We are manufacturer and Supplier of one of the best quality Pressed wool felt.

Thickness , Density and compactness is controlled with machinery at the time of manufacturing. We are Pressed felt Supplier in different thickness starting from 3 mm , 6 mm, 8mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15mm, 20 mm, 25 mm to 50 mm thick and measured in Inch format like 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1” inch thick. General thickness and sizes can be offered from ready stock. Depending upon the Thickness and density the length and width of pressed felt varies from sheet to sheet . Depending upon the type and pressure of compression, it can be made from soft wool pressed felt to hard wool pressed felt. Available in all densities from 0.18 grams/cm3 to 0.45 grams/cm3 or more. Wide variety of hardness from soft, medium, hard and compact and extra hard and rigid quality is manufactured and supplied.

Color, Appearance :
We are Pressed felt supplier in Natural color which is cream white, All other colors like Black, Grey, Red, Yellow can also be dyed as required.

Standard Shapes and Sizes :
We manufacture Pressed felt in Sheet and Rolls. Depending upon the Thickness and density the length and width varies from sheet to sheet. Pressed felt sheets have length from 5 to 7 Meters and width of 1.7 to 2 Meter, further these sheets are rolled packed as Pressed felt Rolls or it can be cut into many shapes like strip, board, circle ring, round washer, Pressed felt Gasket, Pressed felt Pad as per order. We can offer pressed felt in any shape and size are per your requirement like in tape, circle, square, Rope, can be dice cut into washer also. General thickness and sizes of Pressed felt can be offered from ready stock.

Guidelines and International Specification :
We are Pressed felt manufacturer as per International Standards like SAE Felt, SAE J314b, SAE F-1, F-2, F-3, F-5, F-7, F-10, F-11, F-12, F-13, F-15, F-50, F-51 , ASTM D, IS 1719 General purpose pressed felt, BS4060, GOST and DIN 61200 .
We are SAE F5 pressed felt supplier at very competitive prices. Pressed felt pad for industrial application, made in made in according to specifications, SAE specifications like SAE F1, SAE F5 is followed in USA which is white in color and is for heat press and for other industrial applications grey shade SAE F3, F7 is followed.

Grades :
Felt can be manufactured in three types pressed felt, needled felt and woven felt. Pressed felt is a technical grade felt which is used mainly in Engineering and Industrial Machineries. Pressed felt can be Nonwoven and Woven felt in General Grade and Precision felt.

Features and Advantage , Comparison: Pressed felt are Natural and Eco friendly. We are a renowned and reputed company engaged in manufacturing of High quality of Pressed Felt Sheet. Our Press felt is accepted for it Quality Finish and Optimum Performance. Having High Density and suitable for high temperature wool felt does not melt like other synthetic fibers. Wool pads for press is manufactured in different shapes and sizes with different density.
Excellent shock absorption
Highly absorbent
chemical-resistant, High elasticity, flame retardant.
Electrical Insulation
heat insulation, Wear-resistant
Environmental protection material
Easy to cut
Soft Touch
Bio degradable
Function and Properties:
Pressed felt performs multiple functions, it is used for Oil Lubrication, ideal for packing application, filter, anti vibration, Sound and Noise Insulation , Heat and Vibration Absorbing, Oil Absorption and Retain and transfer, Cushioning for Printing purpose, Inking the rollers, for oil wicking, sealing, lubricating, padding, polishing, buffing and many more.

Uses and Application:
Pressed felt is a remarkable technical textile mostly used in manufacturing industries mainly in Engineering and Industrial Machinery. In Different Machinery from Mechanical to Technical Machinery. Used in Industries like glass manufacturing, ceramics, mining, defense, steel manufacturing, textile, flour mill, bakery. Other application like Piano Hammer, Drumbeater and Mallet. High Quality of Pressed wool felt saddle pad for Equestrian. Pressed saddle pad is rigid and heavy duty wool pad which is made from 100 % pure and natural wool fiber. In embossing machines our heat pressed felt is best product as compared to all other Qualities. Specifically designed for High Cushioning performance the heat press felt is extra hard and very dense material. For ironing purpose we manufacture 100% wool pressing mat which has very effective cushion for ironing and it provides a super finish. Also known as Ironing Pad for under press plate.

Price :
As many Qualities are available so price vary from quality to quality. Generally sold in Rolls having price US $ 4 to US $ 10 per Kg for Bulk buyer and retail price varies depending upon the Quantity.

They are Natural and Eco friendly. Our pressed wool felt are made to the highest standard and general thickness and sizes can be offered from ready stock.

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